Monday, June 4, 2007

Cadeau for one more week!

This will be Cadeau's last week with us. We have been bird sitting Cadeau (an African Gray parrot) and two love birds. One of the love birds belongs to a friend of John's who is home for the summer. Nancy returned to Niger on Fri. and she is the owner of the African gray and love bird. Alicia has grown quite fond of Cadeau and has taught him quite a few things. She likes to sing to him and he is a captive audience! Sometimes he bobs his head up and down for her. He also knows how to ask for a spaghetti stick and some of the funniest times have been when he fell asleep on his perch and almost fell off of it! He loves to tease the dog. He makes the sound of the door bell (dog barks,)he makes the sound of car horn honking (dog barks), he makes the sound of the door bell again and the dog barks again. Then you hear this sneaky little laugh of "Gotcha Rocco! You silly dog!"

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