Saturday, June 30, 2007


When Mom and Dad said we were going to see some turtles I thought the idea was BORING! Why did I have to see some big turtles when I could go to the American Rec. to see their turtle? I tried to make my parents change their minds about going, but they ignored me. So we ended up going. Everyone was excited except me. The drive to the village was long and boring. John and I tried to pass the time by singing but that didn’t work.

Finally we arrived at the village and found out that you could see turtles AND crocodiles. Suddenly I was excited. I’d never seen a real crocodile. We found the man (his name was Vincent) who would show us the crocodiles and turtles and he said that if we bought a chicken the crocs would come out of the water and he would feed the crocodile the chicken.. John was fascinated and wanted to watch it but I refused. I hate seeing animals kill other animals. The man grabbed a chicken and off we went to see the turtles first. It was pretty cool. We saw these little baby turtles and John and I got to hold them. They were just two weeks oldAfter we finished seeing them Vincent took us to a big lake to see the crocodiles.

There were two lakes. As we got closer to the lake I saw some gray lumps lying by the lake. “Those are the crocodiles,” whispered Mom. He made the chicken squawk and out of the water came four crocs!

Then the man took us to the next lake and I saw some people getting water right next to a crocodile! I was amazed. He did the same thing and out of the water came a big crocodile. He made it stand up on its back legs and I thought the croc would lunge at the chicken.

Then the croc sat back down and guess what? The man went over and sat on it.

Mom took a picture and asked John and Dad if they wanted to go sit on the crocodile! She asked me but I refused. I was terrified. John went first. I wasn’t sure if he was brave or crazy!

Mom and I stayed a safe distance back. But then Dad decided he would be brave too, and off he went to sit on the back of that crocodile!!!!

After a few more pictures the man got off and gave the crocodile the chicken for its hard work.

It was gross watching the crocodile chew the chicken. Since crocodiles don’t use their teeth for chewing their food they swallow it.

We walked away from the lake and went to a pit with some water in it. I saw a baby crocodile jump into the water. “John did you see that?” I asked my brother. He shook his head. So Vincent got down in the pit and took out the baby crocodile for us to hold. John went first and it pulled out of his grasped. It tried getting back in the pit but Vincent gave the crocodile to me. I thought it was cute. As I held it I thought, “I’m brave, too.”

As we walked away I smiled. “What an amazing day,” I said. John just grinned. As we left Basoule we saw a sign that said “A bientot.” How do you translate that? It means until soon. Okay! See you soon.

Written by Alicia Watt and Mom

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