Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday morning at the Doctor

Sat. June 8,

One night last week, John picked up my glasses and said, “Wow! Mom I can actually see better with your glasses!” That got us started talking about John’s eyes and whether or not he needed glasses. I made an appointment for him to see the optometrist at one of the private local clinics on Sat. morning.

Alicia has had musculum (some people call them seed warts) on her face since last Sept. We also noticed that she had a strange rash on her legs so I made an appointment for her to see the dermatologist on Sat. morning. The appointments were not in the same clinic and were across town from each other.

Milton dropped me and Alicia off at the dermatologist (with books to read in case there was a long wait. There was.) He and John armed with puzzle books went to the other clinic to wait for the optometrist. They had a long wait. But both experiences were first time experiences for the kids.

As Alicia and I waited we watched an African praise group on the local t.v. station in English! Then there were some praise songs in French! As I sat in the clinic waiting room I look around at the ladies in their long African outfits some veiled and other wearing a head covering. They were all watching and I wondered what was going through their minds. Most of them looked to be Muslims (if you can tell by the way someone is dressed in this country they all were.) I was blessed by the music and wondered how on earth this music was being played on the local tv station!

Finally our number was called and we went into a small examining room. It didn’t take the doctor long to diagnose Alicia’s problem. We knew what the bumps were but not the rash. He gave us a prescription for a topical anesthetic and we went across the street and bought it and returned so that he could anaesthetize the bumps so he could remove them. We had to wait 20 minutes and then he quickly scooped each bump off with a tiny little instrument. Alicia was very brave, and didn’t cry even though she said it still hurt. The rash is something that will go away in time and nothing to worry about.

Across town, Milton and John are having the time of their lives as John gets his eyes tested. Dad was there to translate what John didn’t understand into English for him. After they finished, they picked us up and we went to order John’s glasses! We were able to not only get them ordered but they don’t have to send to France for the lenses and we can pick them up on Mon. We are amazed at how much we can now do in Niger without having to order from the States or France.

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