Friday, July 27, 2007

Lost Diamond

Last week we were watching one of the Lucy shows where Lucy had lost her wedding ring and she thought it was in the brick barbecue grill in the back yard that Ricky and Fred had just finished building. Lucy looked through all the cement and bricks looking for her ring (which she didn't find) and as she rebuilt the grill at a really bad angle, John looked down at my hand. "Mom where is your diamond?" I looked down and sure enough it was gone! We have not yet found it. We looked around us. We remembered a friend from our couple's group who lost her diamond and found it after we had prayed about it. it was in the bathroom of the high school where she had washed her hands!

For me, I feel that it is something I will not find. it is just too small. for the time being I am wearing my V ring that I bought in Liberia in 1990. It is a gold band shaped in a V. I haven't lost much sleep over the loss. I figure we can always replace it with something else.

I told Milton that I was more disturbed because I had lost the heart necklace I had given my mom before I left for Liberia in 1989--for my first mission experience! I lost it last year in July! I looked everywhere for it. I had turned my bag up side down several times looking for it!
As I have prayed about it, I felt really bad because this necklace had a lot of sentimental value to me (not that my wedding ring doesn't but I still have my husband!). Every time I thought about this necklace I really felt the loss of my mom. I had very little from her, this was the only personal thing I have of hers besides some thimbles I had given her and a few quilts she had made for me. But this necklace was really special.

This morning we were at our Day of Prayer at SIM and we were getting ready for a coffee break. I had some invitations with me for SIL Niger's 25th anniversary celebration coming up next month that I wanted to give out. I pulled the invitations out and out came the necklace. I was so surprised. I had just turned this bag upside down last week and shook it out good (or so I thought). So where had the necklace been? I have no idea what so ever! Rejoice with me that it is found! Even though the diamond is still lost!

By Linda

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