Friday, July 27, 2007

The Mouse Catcher

The Mouse Catcher

This rainy Sunday morning as I made the gravy to go with the biscuits I had just popped into the oven, I saw a blur of black disappear behind a little chest I have in the dining room. Then I saw it run behind a blue plastic tub! A mouse! I yelled, “Milton get Oliver! We have work for him to do.” Forgetting that he was allergic to cats, he grabbed Oliver from the front porch and brought him into the dining room. He handed the cat to Alicia as John stood by armed with a mop! Milton slowly slid the tub out from the wall and out ran the mouse! Oliver pounced on the mouse and he was history. We let him out to the front porch where he played with the mouse for about 15 minutes before getting down to seriously eating his yummy breakfast! Watch the video of Oliver and the mouse!

We got Oliver as a kitten when we were in Ouagadougou for the softball tournament in February. John wanted this kitten badly but we suspected that he had an allergy to the kitten. Another family brought the kitty back to Niger for us and sure enough John was allergic. So the kitty became Alicia’s responsibility. He has also been very helpful in catching lizards!

As Alicia and John said in the video, “Oliver is a true Burkinabe cat! He is a hard worker.” The people from Burkina Faso are known for their hard work.

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