Monday, July 9, 2007

Rain in answer to prayer

July 7, 2007

We had just gotten home from doing a bit of shopping and had brought home our new sand turtle we had been given. We had blocked him in on one side of our house so he wouldn’t eat our flowers and plants in the front yard.

As we came inside the wind picked up and as I looked out, the sky was orange. We began to shut any open windows or doors! Rain was on the way! Or would it be just another sand storm as we have had several of those lately.

Two days ago we received an email form the president of our local ministerial alliance asking Christians to set aside Fri. and Sat. for fasting and prayer for the country of Niger. There was to be a special time of prayer for Niger on Sat. afternoon. It seems that God was already answering our prayers.

I stood outside and filmed the sky as it changed from orange to yellow to gray. The rain finally came and it would seem that it was enough for farmers to plant.

We went to the Municipal stadium in the afternoon for the 2 hour prayer meeting for Niger. There are some major problems in the north of Niger—Tuareg rebels have caused a lot of damage north of Agadez. All Americans and other expatriates have been advised to get out of the area. We have also had some problems with the prime minister and he has been replaced and a new government is now in place. Funds for education have been embezzled and students no longer trust the government of Niger. And then there is the problem of drought. Most of Niger has not had enough rain for farmers to plant or some have tried and they have had to replant several times. They still haven’t had enough rain. As you can see we had plenty to pray for.

Thanks again for praying for us and for the country and people of Niger.

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