Sunday, August 26, 2007

25th Anniversary Celebration--SIL Niger

Just thinking about it makes me tired! After three months of planning Saturday, August 11 SIL Niger celebrated its 25th anniversary! Everything or mostly everything went like clock work! We had not planned for the 30 member choir (only for 15 and no instruments so we had to do a lot of reshuffling of tables to get them set up. They did a magnificent job, singing songs in Nigerien languages. I don't recall if they did any French songs but we had requested Nigerien songs! One pastor didn't show up so the Catholic priest who gave the benediction was a bit surprised when he was asked to give the closing prayer.

Everyone looked really sharp in their 25th anniversary pagne clothes! We had just received the special cloth on Tues. and most of us went the same day to get outfits made for this special occasion. We had worked hard to keep the decorations simple, but a magnificent 25 year time line with photos to adorn the back drop of the same pagne as we wore really looked nice.

Our refreshments were simple, and the only complaints were from my helpers. They saw some people taking several helpings and I continued to gently tell them we had plenty and if it was all eaten it was all eaten and everyone would be happy they had celebrated with us. We had between 200 and 250 guests and most of them were from the local churches we had invited.

By 1:00 p.m. we were pretty much cleaned up and ready for the next celebration!

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