Sunday, September 23, 2007

Transition in Leadership

After our 25th anniversary celebration at SIL our new leadership team was commissioned. Our director of several years is leaving Niger and we have not been able to find a replacement for her. As a result we have a remote director who is also our regional director. We rotate the team leadership between three of us for up to a month at a time. During the meeting sandwiched in and around the 25th anniversary we got to spend time with the Mobile Member Care Team learning about transitions and how to best approach them. As a leadership team we spent time in team building. What we learned about one another should serve us well as we seek to serve SIL Niger.
We also had a Spiritual Retreat and we came away feeling refreshed and more united in our service together. We are seeking to integrate more local leadership into our administrative structure. We want to have fellowship with one another outside the daily work. I was challenged to see my African coworkers as true peers. There have been barriers to doing that on both sides. Some of those barriers came down and we are enjoying the fruit of the efforts we put into breaking down those walls. We are seeking ways to make strong foot paths through the rubble from the walls!

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