Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ballet and Gymnastics

Alicia has been in heaven these days. There has been a short term teacher’s assistant at Sahel Academy who knows ballet. During the P.E. classes for several weeks the girls were doing ballet with Tiffany. On Mon. there was a special assembly and Alicia and the girls in the 5th and 6th grade class did a ballet for parents.

I barely made it on time as there was a lot of traffic. We had rushed home ate lunch and I had dropped Milton back at SIL before I continued to Sahel.

Watch the video to see what a great job these girls did.

On Fri. afternoons after class Alicia goes over to Mariah’s house and they practice gymnastic routines. Usually another friend joins them—and the three of them work on routines that they do to music. They are planning for two special performances one at Christmas and one for the SIM Spiritual Life Conference.

This last week an older high school girl joined them to teach them some new things but to help them improve in certain areas where they are having some problems.

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