Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Track and Field Day

The day after Thanksgiving was Track and Field Day at Sahel Academy. Milton worked part of the day at the office with the translation team and I took the whole day off to work at the stadium. I helped to measure broad jumps and as John ran the 800 meter (1 time around the track) I cheered him on! I was so proud of him! He finished and then fell down in tears! But what perseverance. He signed up for everything and he finished everything he started.

Then Milton comes up to me and says that they are getting ready to do the staff relay and he thinks I should volunteer to be one of the runners (200 meters). I said o.k. and off I went leaving Milton with his mouth hanging open. I went to find the staff who were relaying and found that they already had the fourth woman but was told that I could form another four if I could find three others and I went out and convinced my husband and two others to join me. We figured to put us ladies in the middle and the guys on the two ends. We finished last but we had such a wonderful time us Golde Oldies (the other couple were named Golde).

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