Friday, February 29, 2008

Visit by a friend

For about a month I knew that my friend Mary was coming for a visit, but I was a bit anxious because I had not seen her in 15 years. I met Mary in Liberia. We were very different. Mary was more reserved and British, and I was American and outgoing! We became best friends there. We don't know why but are so thankful for our friendship. Mary taught one year here at Sahel Academy after we were evacuated from Liberia. I got married the year she taught here so she didn't see us on our honeymoon in England.
When we were in language study in France we visited each other. We have stayed in contact by email but had not seen each other.
Mary arrived the day before Milton left for South Africa. She was here until 5 days before he returned. She was a godsend in many ways. I did not miss Milton and his help as much as I usually do. Mary just pitched in and helped. She learned a lot about what I do and what we have to deal with here in Niger. We got to do things we had not done for a long time as a family--we went to the zoo, we went to see the giraffes and I drove the 4X4 belonging to one of our coworkers and we took another vehicle with us as well along with several visitors. Then we also visited the dunes and had a picnic with some other friends! We had a great time overall and I look forward to visiting her in England.

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