Monday, June 9, 2008

Hausa Songs of the Men of God

One of the joys that I have in my job is celebrating with our language teams their victories. Sunday June 1 was one of those celebrations.

Abdou Magawata (also known as Nuhu) , our Scripture Use Consultant, had worked for over a year on the Scripture Use project Hausa Songs of the Men of God. This project came into being after Nuhu and Mahamadou and Jeanne Scypinski had attended a Chronological Bible Storying workshop and learned how to write Scripture songs and record them. The next step was to hold a CBS workshop in the village of Mailo. Here the group was formed that began to work on the songs. Nuhu translated the songs and they were then consultant checked by Milton (a translation consultant with training in checking poetry). Then the corrections were sent to the music group to see if they could be incorporated or not. Once the songs were written and the group was ready for the recording they came to Niamey to do the recording at EBM's recording studio next to SIL. After the recording they began the editing process (all digital). It only took a couple of days to do the recording of ten songs based on the Biblical accounts of Creation, Abraham, Noah, Moses, David, Solomon, etc. those prophets esteemed by Muslims.

Once the master cd was made, the duplication process was completed in town and on June 1 we celebrated! The music group traveled from Mailo to give us a sample of their music. Gary Sweetman, our director and I gave brief speeches on why promote the use of Scriptures! I concentrated my time on the history of the project, God's timing, our hope for the future--to have quality songs using traditional instruments in other languages besides Hausa.

What better way to end my time in Niger than with such a celebration! I look forward to hearing of more songs of the prophets done by the Mailo group.

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