Saturday, December 6, 2008

Go Gurrie Tigers!

Tues. after school was the first Gurrie 7th grade boys basketball game. We know 4 of the boys on the team. Alicia was cheerleading. We got there early so I got some shots of the team warming up! I got a lot of footage of Alicia's cheers. Even though she said later that she didn't know the cheers that well, I could not tell that she didn't. They were loud, they were noisy, and they had enthousiasm!

Wednesday, Alicia once again donned her cheerleading uniform (basketball players wear khaki dress pants and dresshirt and TIES !) as they had another game. She was the captain for that game. But she ran into some problems. We didn't know it but the girls weren't listening to her and as a result they all had to miss the next game to practice. I personally thought they did a good job, but their teacher knew better. She had overheard the girls arguing! On Thurs. they stayed behind while Gurrie boys played and won their game! As a result they will be better prepared for their two games next week! I enjoyed helping the Parent Teacher Organization as they sold candy and water and gatorade during the home game.

How is that for getting involved!

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