Friday, December 19, 2008

Ready for Christmas

I really did not know how we would decorate the house for Christmas. Someone gave us a tree which is quite a bit bigger than our Niger tree. I brought home a gallon freezer bag packed with ornaments that we enjoy in Niger. ( I got this idea from a friend in Niger who said she has a box of ornaments that go back and forth with her to make the decorations special!)

What I discovered here was a tub with my stored Christmas ornaments in it! There was a Precious Moments ball from 1990 (our first Christmas just before we got married), a Precious moments ball for 1996 (Alicia's first Christmas), and one for 1997 for John's first Christmas.

Angels I have had from Liberia came home with us and packed away creches in thornwood and soap stone were brought out.

I have one creche from Burkina Faso that came with me and will return to Niger with me I am sure. This one circles our advent candles set on an indigo batik with the star and wisemen on the edges. I think this is a table runner but it works great for our unique advent candles.

I love to collect unusual creches. I don't have as many as the queen of creches in Niger but I can recall where each one has come from and why it is special. My favorite is a tiny set that fits in the palm of your hand. I picked it up in Mexico on my first short term missions trip. I guess that is how my collection started.

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