Monday, January 26, 2009

Losing Weight or not Losing Weight

In April I was really convicted about my lack of self control. This has always been a issue in my life in many different ways. but this time it was about food! My entire nuclear family are overweight except for two of us. Well I too am overweight so I guess only one of us is not fat. I have put on about 30-40 pounds in 17 years. My husband doesn't gain weight. He burns fat and has a high metabolism! Nothing stays on his bones unless it is muscle.

So since April I have been yo-yoing. I lose a few pounds and put it back on. I exercise for awhile and then stop or do something different (this summer it was walking and biking). But the pounds I lost before coming home came back once I got back here and started eating all the good foods I had missed in Niger.

Mid-November we joined a local fitness center while they were having one of those promotionals and it wasn't too costly for us. It has been great. I don't like it but Milton manages to get me out there 5 days a week! We go for an hour to 1 1/2 hours and I am gradully toning up and strengthening. I no longer gasp for air after a mile on the elliptical. I am going for the hills and trying to build muscles, and strengthen my body through exercise. I am trying to eat healthier and am trying to find a diet that I will stick with--making wise choices of food rather than doing a diet for a few weeks and then going back to my bad habits. We are eating more vegetables! I knew everyone in Washington would be happy to hear that :) Then I am cooking healthier, too.

It is beginning to pay off. I have never been able to get into a size 14 in several years--maybe 11 years at least! I have since John's birth worn a size XL and I am now down to a L! Yes! Way to go. I am losing inches at the waist and hips! I am more than anything else beginning to have more energy.

Now if I could just get some of those menopausal symptoms under control--emotional rollercoasters that go with the yo-yo-ing of the weight as well.

Patience my dear patience. How is this for transparency! From bouncing down the stairs at church to talking about my weight! What's left to talk about?

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