Thursday, February 5, 2009

Are you ever Amazed with God!? Lessons in Support

I have been praying about our support. You see each time we are home we go through the same scenario. Or at least I do. I am usually preoccupied the entire time with what we need to do to get back on time. In some ways it keeps me from putting down roots. I make friends pretty easily but it takes awhile for me to just get used to everything here. This time I got involved in ways I hadn't on past furloughs. I joined a Moms in Touch group and have really enjoyed the fellowship as much as the praying we get done for our kids. I have helped out and attended every basketball game my daughter cheered at. I have attended fun lunches and I might be speaking to my son's class on "Growing up in Oklahoma where the legend of the Red Fern Grows." I have gotten involved!! I helped make fleece blankets to give to underprivileged kids. I joined an exercise class, a fitness center, and a Bible study on 1 Corinthians. In the past I have had to home school the kids and this kept me from being really involved in community life. It was like we lived life on the periphery of the group. Never quite fitting in and yet not really on the outside or inside of the group. Does that make sense? This furlough we have been in one place, in one house, and the kids have been in public schools! Community schools! I have had opportunities to talk about our life in Niger, to get to know other parents and to really connect with some friends on a deeper level.

A week or so ago I began to wonder how God would bring in the rest of our support. I just have a really hard time asking people who are struggling already to make ends meet to consider supporting us. I looked over something Ed Welch, SIM had sent us on support raising. It had some good basic information. The one thing I learned is that I need to be talking about our ministry and our desire to return to the field this summer. I need to be talking about our support a lot more than I have been. I have to let people know of our need. Last week I decided to make a list of people I know that I am in relationship with who might not know that much about us and our ministry. I am pretty outgoing but I simply can not call people and out of the blue ask them to support us or even ask them to consider it and pray about it etc. That isn't something I am comfortable doing. I decided to just pray for them. If I know they have some kind of difficulty I pray about it. I am involved in their lives so I usually know what is going on in their lives. After the first week one of our friends asked how they might help us out with monthly support. Yesterday another friend wanted to give us a gift. Then today Alicia's orthodontist wanted to know how he could know if someone he support really gets the money and how can he be sure. I told him rather flippantly that I often ask myself the same question. so he said "so if I wanted to give to help someone who should I give to?" i rather flippantly replied, "Give it to us. Then you know it will be used the way you wanted."

I guess I am just amazed at how God is at work. I am sure that He wants us back in Niger. If you are reading this blog you could be involved. Stay tuned to see how God works in our lives and gets us back to Niger.

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