Friday, February 27, 2009

Divide and Conquer

It is not often that both kids have something going on at their schools at the same time. As I was getting supper ready I told John we had to get ready to go to the basketball game at Gurrie. "But I have a concert tonight!" That was the first I had heard of it! So we quickly decided I would go to Gurrie to the bb game and Milton would go to the concert! "Oh I need a red shirt tonight because we are doing the African flag." "John you know that Africa is not a country? And there are many flags. Which one are you talking about?" "You know the African flag!" No I did not know but sent him off with a red shirt

Little did we know that the whole concert would be made up of African songs, and musical instruments. If I had only known sooner I could have sent several traditional instruments over for the music class to play, but I didn't even know they were doing something special in music!

Because John had missed several practices he was elected to give the flowers to the pianist at the end!

Meanwhile back at Gurrie, I walk in to the gym just as they are announcing my daughter, "....7th grade cheerleader Alicia Watt." Does my heart proud. Tonight was a special charity basketball game between Gurrie's 8th grade team and the local cops! It is the D.A.R.E. program's game. It was a lot of fun. To kick off the game, a Scottish bagpipes player played Amazing Grace as we paid tribute to the policemen who had fallen in the line of duty! Then the fun began. The 7th grade cheerleaders cheered for the cops and the 8th grade for the 8th grade team.

At one point in the game Gurrie was trailing by 9 points and all of a sudden those 9 points are on the scoreboard! Could the cops be giving this game to Gurrie? Well who were the referees? The principal and superintendent of schools! In the end they tied the game and everyone had a great evening! We later found out it was traditional for them to tie the game! I snagged a free t-shirt for John to match the one given to Alicia for cheering for the cops. What a great way to end the season!

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