Monday, March 30, 2009

Refuge at Broom Tree Refuge

Broom Tree Refuge

We had stayed there last summer and enjoyed ourselves immensely. We would have chosen to go to Florida but that seemed too far in too few days! So the next best thing--go back to where you had some fun!

My brother also lives in OK and I had invited him to come over for a few days. But I wasn't sure if he would come or not. He just wasn't one to travel far from home. Mind you this wasn't a long trip for them--3-5 hours at most.

We on the other hand left about 12:30 on Sun. and drove to Rolla MO. We spent the night there and ate at a Sizzlin Sirloin. Can you imagine not having a baked potato to go with your steak? Well no baked potatoes and most of their vegetables were cooked too death and the lettuce turning brown. Their dining room looked like someone had had a food fight in there! I was rather disappointed but made the most of the salmon and salads!

Then the next morning on to Mountain View. Devastation everywhere! Trees down! But here and there were blossoming redbuds and plum blossoms. It was beautiful!

Surprise upon surprise! My brother John and my sister-in-law Joanne came over on Tues. and stayed until Thurs afternoon. We had wonderful sweet times over the computer looking at old pictures I had scanned in, talking about our ancestors and me trying to get as much information that he might have on cousins. We lamented over the loss (I guess it is a loss if you don't know what happened to them) of so many of Mom's pictures. Pictures of grandparents we never knew, and of us when we were small!

We ate our way through hamburgers and baked potatoes, tacos, refried beans, spanish rice, and we didn't even miss dessert! For the first time in years I was the one cooking for us! Breakfast was kind of weird--pulling biscuits out of a bag and popping them in the oven to bake, making sausage gravy. In the end my sister-in-law helped me with the gravy. John says she makes the best gravy! It was good.

It was just fun for me to be the one giving when my brother has always been the one to give to us when we visit--catfish fries, barbeques, etc. so this was fun!

John also enjoyed taking the kids fishing! Yea! Little John caught two fish to my brother's five. None were big enough to eat so back they went in the pond!

Here is the cabin we stayed in.

One of the things we enjoyed was hiking through the woods to go to the Ray's home to use their hot tub! John was a frequent visitor.
Alicia enjoyed chatting on Facebook with friends from the Ray's front porch or borrowing DVDs to watch, or hanging out with the dogs.

Especially Curly. He is a big English sheep dog who is black-so much so you can hardly see him.

He is 9 years old and enjoys laying around and doing absolutely nothing! Riley and Blossom enjoy running through the woods, chasing animals (they are the only ones to see these animals they chase!

I also borrowed Sandy's walking stick. She tore her knee up and it is going to need surgery but she wasn't planning to be in the woods while we were there so she gave it to me to use.

When we arrived at the cabin these big blocks said Welcome Watt family. So when we got ready to leave the kids rearranged it at their own suggestion to do so to say, "Thanks Ray family"

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