Monday, May 4, 2009

If you can't go send us!

If you can't go then send us! That has been our heart cry! Although we haven't been so bold to say so it has been the longing of our hearts. We have wanted a strong sending church-- a church truly connected to the work. Not just sending their support each month, but a church wanting to be involved in our lives and our work. We are beginning to see that.

"I think I could do $10 a month. What do I need to do to start supporting you." "Do you have any more of those little slips so we can support you?" It's funny but every time we are in a Bible study with a missionary we start to support them!" "We will pick up your support again. Sorry it has been so long in coming." " We are supporting you and will continue to do so!" We have heard these and similar words three or four times this last week and weekend.

I have been convinced this home assignment that it is through relationships that our support is going to come in. I am overwhelmed with love for these friends we have made this year. Our hearts are intertwined in a way we have never seen before but we had hoped for.

God is so good! Now we are down to $120 a month needed to return to Niger. God is indeed good.

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