Sunday, June 14, 2009

Alls Well that Ends Well!

Who would have thought that life after 50 would have so many twists and turns! Four years later and we were still anxious about getting that colonoscopy! We were down in Lafayette visiting one of our favorite doc friends. As he talked about removing gigantic tumors and looking at colons--the thought crossed our minds. "We should ask if John could do our colonoscopies." No problem. He was in the insurance network, and we could stay at his house for the prep. We just needed someone to stay with us day of the scope and bring us home. But his sister was there and she could help us with that! Of course our plans got all messed up. The kids had sleep overs and decided to stay with friends. Jana went to Wyoming for two weeks. In the end John's mom and dad came down and took care of us and just hung out with us. They let us do our thing the day before and was around if we needed them. Milton had a nauseous reaction to the white grape juice he drank and hugged the toilet more than once! But we had our own bathroom and no one saw us coming and going!

I woke early and had a good chat with the Lord about the anxiety I was feeling and it was soon gone! Knowing I am in His hands makes all the difference in the world!

John confirmed our time to be at the Surgical Center. We had never been to his office, nor did we know that the Surgical Center next door was where we would be having the scope.

We were taken together. I like working as a team! I went first! When it comes to needles, IV's, and medical stuff I am the brave one! Of course I also got more recovery time so that by the time we left the Surgical Center I was awake and not groggy! Milton on the other hand was having a love affair with my plastic clothes bag on the way home from--a reaction to the cranberry juice.

What was it like? We have talked to a few people about the scope and most are anxious as they talk about having to get one. Those who have had it say that the prep is the worse part. I always counter that with 'If you have had bugs in the tummy in Africa, then the prep was easy. No cramping. Just a nice gently cleansing." Milton on the other hand had the nausea to complicate the cleansing! We knew nothing after we got our IV running. I remember hearing 'You can give her the second dose." I was disappointed that I never saw the scope and thought I slept through the whole thing, but the doc said I was awake in the middle. He even talked to me! Never felt a thing, and no discomfort or pain at all!

As Milton talked to Doctor John (the kids term for him) afterwards he got more of the details. All I will say is that alls well that ends well. It all came out in the end.

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