Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas

My friend Mary lives in this little house (called a maisonette). She has the bottom apt. in this building. It is one bedroom with a small kitchen, living room and dining room together. Milton and I slept in her sitting room. It was very cozy. Because we did not have a lot of space we did not decorate for Christmas. Mary had lots of Christmas cards she received (that seems to be a tradition that still carries on there in England!) and she displayed them on little shelves sandwiched in with her china collection.

I brought a few decorations that are traditional at our house including Christmas stockings!This Christmas batik went up in the living room and we displayed a soap stone nativity I had brought for Mary. I had a lot of fun finding small gifts while we were out for the kids! But I wondered what would be in my stocking! (I still have not instilled in them the excitement of buying little gifts for each other to put in Christmas stockings!) But I had a blast finding little gifts for them. It is easy to buy for Alicia--earrings, lip gloss, makeup, toe socks, etc. and she is good! John on the other hand was extremely difficult to buy for and I think he ended up mostly with candy.

Just before Christmas Milton and I went down town Leicester and shopped. One day we took the kids and that was o.k. but they got tired! I wanted to make sure they had gotten presents for everyone, but I wasn't sure they had bought the book I wanted on prayers (they didn't! It was gone when I went back after Christmas to buy it!) But the elephant, a Christmas ornament and a nativity scene all from the Just Fair Trade store they did buy! We stopped to get something to drink and dashed into Costas but when we saw the prices about $7 a cup of coffee we went over to McDonald's just across the street!

We also went to the Clock Tower, the Guild Hall, and the Cathedral that day.

We went back to the Market where we found this interesting book!

We wanted to show it to Timmy Moore! While in the market we bought more socks!
One of our favorite holiday activities is putting together a puzzle. We found four puzzles a the charity shop for 4 pounds sterling. We kept two of them and left two to be given back to charity.

On Christmas Eve we walked down to the local shops that were open. A florist had little Christmas trees that were just a couple of dollars.

This one had purple glitter on it so we didn't have to decorate it! We decorated a low table and put our wrapped gifts on it. Christmas Eve we opened the stockings and on Christmas morning the gifts. The kids were really excited and surprised because I had bought some of the things I saw they liked--a poster of MarioKart and Justin Bieber for Alicia!

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