Saturday, October 6, 2012

A week of heartbreaking crying out to God. A week of breakthroughs and answers to prayer! A week of great spiritual attack! A week of great ministry!
Whenever there is a great victory there is often an attack.  This week we heard that there was a believers conference among the Western Niger Fulani and 75 people attended with 25 baptisms!  That was in a small area of Western Niger. And there have been more openness expressed by other missionaries. People are listening to the translated Word of God! People are reading the translated Word of God! 
We heard that the book of Proverbs in Ajami Script in Fulfulde will be available next week.  Wow that is an incredible victory!  The New Testament in Fulfulde for Burkina has also come out--at least some advance copies and the dedication is scheduled for January!  Again these are great victories! 
The family I have been working with here in Niamey finally got their adoption finalized!  Another victory this week!
I have also been a hole filler!
You know being useful where ever I am needed!  This week and probably for weeks to come I will be the PE transportation for our Secondary students. I pick up students at the Rec. Center where they do P.E. and I transport them back to school where I pick up another load of students and take them to P.E. Then I go to SIL and pray. On Wednesdays I get the morning off, but am needed on Friday mornings!Even on days when I don't go over to transport students, my jobs are not finished. I go by sometime during the day and check the water thermoses and take empty ones home and fill them and bring them back to school. One day while returning the school van I saw a lady laying in the middle of the road! I have no idea what she was doing there! 
Monday after school we brought goodies to the teachers along with cold drinks for their all staff meeting! I have found a guy who sells really cold soft drinks really close to the school!
On Thursday the moms gathered at the Secondary School to pray for the individual classes.  There are many challenges and some great disappointments. My son's computer battery was stolen two weeks ago out of his computer, out of his computer bag! Now he carries his IPAD locked in his back pack! His USB was found in the bushes over a week and a half ago! Someone had stolen it and thrown it in the flowers! Then last Thurs. someone stole someone's computer at school.  The kids were talked to on Tues. I was there for part of that announcement as I was waiting for a P.E. pickup.  With all that going on some of us moms felt it was a good idea to come and pray in each of the classrooms! I had to leave early,but was able to pray in one or two classes. Then there was a water cut--and I went outside with the principal just to see if we could find out if it was a local problem and when it would be fixed. The guard had already talked to the neighbors and found out it was local and who knew when it would come back on.  It did later in the morning! We had low water pressure at our house but not a complete cut.
One night this week I felt we were under great spiritual attack and Milton and I spent quite a bit of time in prayer that night.  The next morning we had some answers. 
Wednesday afternoon we helped a colleague move and loaned our truck out to another couple who was trying to get moved in before this weekend.
I also managed to do some cleaning at the Sahel campus this week.  We were over there for a scrimmage and I was bored so I got some water and started scrubbing the bleachers.  I went back yesterday and finished the job! I was there all alone and as I walked around the campus looking for chairs to clean I had an incredible peace that all would work out! Then yesterday afternoon Milton and the kids and I went over and help with a bit more clean up! Pulling up nasty, stinky, rotten rhizomes is not my idea of a fun time, but it had to be done!  
I also made 24 cool scarves for two of our Sahel teams to wear. I somehow fit that in too! What a week! I look back and wonder how I got all that done, and took care of my family too!  Only by God's grace! 

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